BIDYADHAR AGARWAL (The Veteran brain & The Founder)

Meet the visionary force propelling our endeavor forward: Bidyadhar Agarwal, the seasoned entrepreneur and founder extraordinary. With nearly five decades of invaluable experience in business and industry, Mr. Agarwal is not just a leader but a beacon of integrity and compassion.

Beyond his remarkable success in the business realm, Mr. Agarwal's heart beats for social service, with a deep connection to orphanages and goshalas. His ethos of giving back to society permeates every aspect of our mission.

Inspired by his unwavering commitment to excellence and service, Mr. Kailash Kumar Agarwal embarked on the journey of establishing a food processing industry. This vision is not just about profits; it's about providing communities with access to quality food at genuine prices.

Under Mr. Agarwal's guidance, our team is driven by a shared purpose: to create meaningful impact and uphold the values of integrity and compassion in everything we do. Join us on this transformative journey led by the brains behind the show, Mr. Bidyadhar Agarwal.


Mr. Kishor Kumar Agarwal, fondly known as "The Adviser," plays an integral role in the workings of the enterprise, standing as the guiding force alongside the proprietor. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, he ensures that every facet of the business, from product quality to marketing strategies and financial management, meticulously attendeds.

As the brother of the proprietor, Kishor Kumar Agarwal shares a deep bond of trust and understanding, which forms the foundation of their collaborative efforts. His expertise in the realm of commerce and economics earns him the title of "ARTHASHASTRI," a term that resonates with his astute understanding of economic principles and their practical application in business.

In the journey of the enterprise, Mr. Agarwal's presence is akin to a steady hand on the rudder, steering the course towards success amidst the complexities of the market landscape. His strategic insights and prudent counsel serve as invaluable assets, guiding the proprietor through challenges and opportunities alike.

Beyond his professional acumen, Kishor Kumar Agarwal embodies integrity and dedication, traits that inspire confidence among colleagues and stakeholders. His commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and ethics sets a benchmark for excellence within the organization.

In essence, Mr. Kishor Kumar Agarwal epitomizes the role of a trusted adviser, whose expertise and unwavering support are indispensable pillars of the enterprise's success story. With his guidance, the proprietor navigates the dynamic business environment with confidence, poised to achieve new heights of accomplishment.


Kailash Kumar Agarwal, known as "The Entrepreneur," embodies the essence of dedication and innovation in the food industry. With a vibrant energy and a commitment to excellence, he dedicates his time to producing high-quality food products through meticulous research and development efforts.

Mr. Agarwal's passion extends beyond his own success; he actively empowers others, particularly lady,by providing them with training and employment opportunities within his firm. Recognizing the importance of investing in both people and technology, he strategically allocates capital towards procuring modern machinery, enhancing productivity, and fostering a conducive working environment for his employees.

A cornerstone of Mr. Agarwal's approach is his unwavering commitment to product quality. He ensures this through regular nutrient value testing in both in-house laboratories and government-approved facilities. By maintaining stringent quality control measures, he upholds the reputation of his brand and instills trust among consumers.

Furthermore, Mr. Agarwal demonstrates a keen sense of responsibility towards regulatory compliance. He remains vigilant, keeping abreast of evolving statutory requirements and ensuring full adherence within his operations. This proactive approach not only safeguards his business but also reinforces his commitment to ethical and legal standards.

In essence, Kailash Kumar Agarwal exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship by blending innovation, integrity, and social responsibility in his endeavors. His relentless pursuit of excellence not only drives the success of his business but also inspires others in the industry to strive for greater heights.


MAA SARALA AGRO FOODS, an MSME unit, takes pride in offering quality food products at affordable prices while adhering to government guidelines. Through training and employment opportunities, particularly for unemployed youth and women, it champions the ethos of ‘Grow & Let Others Grow’, prioritizing safety and security. This initiative mirrors the empowering essence of the government’s Mission Shakti program.


Our vision is clear – to achieve consumer satisfaction by continually enhancing the quality of our products. We believe in embracing new technologies and methodologies, investing in research and development to meet and exceed consumer expectations. Maa Sarala Agro foods stands firm in its belief that quality is not just a parameter but the essence of our existence. As we look to the future, Maa Sarala Agrofoods is poised for greater achievements. With plans for expansion and the introduction of new products, we are determined to uphold our legacy of quality, while driving innovation and empowerment. We invite you to be a part of our journey, as we continue to set benchmarks in the food industry, enriching lives one product at a time. Join us in a commitment to excellence, quality, and community development. Welcome to Maa Sarala Agrofoods – your trusted partner in good food and good health


The addition of new food products matching the needs of the time through promoting a sufficient supply chain, adopting new technology, building a strong and friendly market network is a top priority. MAA SARALA AGRO FOODS is continuously trying to be consumer friendly by providing HEALTHY, HYGENEIC, and TASTY food materials especially giving emphatic importance to the traditional food of ODISHA.

100% Biodynamic

Not only are we organic, but we also limit our agricultural imports to be absolutely biodynamic for our environment.