This firm is a proprietary concern of Proprietor Mr Kailash Kumar Agarwalla son of Mr Bidyadhar Agrawal. He hails from a business family having nearly twenty five years of experience. This firm started way back in 1999 – 2000 in a rented house like cottage industries and stared with only Besan. Considering the progress and market demand he could able to get a land on plot 67 in Mancheswar Industrial Estate on transfer basis and installed requisite machinery. We have added MULTI GRAIN CHHATUA & spices to his fold. The market has supported, business improved. Then we thought of expansion and got an IDCO plot bearing plot no.135G and now we are producing MILLETS POWDER, MULTI GRAIN CHHATUA, TADKA, CHANA SATTU, CHUDA POWDER, RICE POWDER. But we have post phoned producing spices due to shortage of land.
We are again planning for MILLET POWDER UNIT of higher capacity along with other millet products, CORN FLOWER, SPICES, PACKING ITEMS LIKE MISHRI, TEJ PATTA, SAGOO ETC. Many items like TEJ PATTA, SAGOO, and MISHRI have been started on a pilot basis. Now additional land of 15000 sqft is highly essential for regular production by installing requisite machineries.


MAA SARALA AGRO FOODS being an MSME unit do have pleasure of proving good food products at affordable price by giving training and employment generation of the unemployed youth as per the Govt. guidelines preferably women with the policy of GROW & LET OTHERS GROW with enriched safety and security. This may be treated as empowering MISSION SHAKTI programme of our govt.


This firm believes in Consumer satisfaction through improvement in the quality of food products through continual research and development, the addition of new technology, and method.


The addition of new food products matching the needs of the time through promoting a sufficient supply chain, adopting new technology, building a strong and friendly market network is a top priority. MAA SARALA AGRO FOODS is continuously trying to be consumer friendly by providing HEALTHY, HYGENEIC, and TASTY food materials especially giving emphatic importance to the traditional food of ODISHA.

100% Biodynamic

Not only are we organic, but we also limit our agricultural imports to be absolutely biodynamic for our environment.